Teen Bible Quizzing

Teen Quizzing is an awesome part of the youth ministry!  Students study a book of the Bible and then our church team competes against other churches at meets by jumping from pads with sensors to be the first to answer!  There is room on the team for both really competitive quizzers as well as those looking to have fun and learn the Bible at the same time.  

Practice begins August 13th and meets Sunday's from 4pm-6pm in the Teen Room (#204), unless otherwise noted.  If you cannot attend practice, you must inform an adult before Sunday.  There will be no practice on the day after a meet.

 Teen Bible Quizzing is open to all teens 6th through 12th grade (who will turn 12 on or before December 31st). 

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Bryan Wilhelm at bryan.wilhelm@live.com, or feel free to drop in on Sunday to see what we're all about!